Hallowe’en in Ethiopia

Another week over here. I’ve managed to shake my stomach problems, having decided that they were linked to my malaria medication. As soon as I stopped taking the medication, I’ve been fine. I’ll have to talk to the doctors here regarding what to do about that.

My regular website continues to give trouble, so I’ll upload some more here. I’ve uploaded some pictures as well.

Teaching continues to go well, the English as 2nd Language kids are especially likeable. I have my first lesson observation tomorrow to assess my teaching and give me some pointers for improvement. Hopefully they won’t sack me on the spot.

Yesterday I returned to Bambis for some groceries, but the couple I went with had some other messages to do, one in the Sheraton Hotel in Addis, there is a bank there. The hotel is mind blowing; its the kind of hotel that would be impressive in the centre of London, let alone in this city. You drive past the beggars with no legs scooting about on trolleys with their hands, and walk into the foyer of this place it takes your breath away at the contrast. Amazing. Its a large hotel, apparently the Hilton is similar, and there are plans to build more hotels similar. Its amazing there are enough rich business men and government officials to keep them all in going!

Anyway, last night Brian had a Hallowe’en house party. I used one of my brothers genius ideas and dressed up as a fried egg, sticking a yellow circle of card to a white outfit. Other outfits were very funny, some pictures follow:

Amanda dressed as a gypsie

“Baby” (he is known by no other name as far as I’ve heard) dressed as some kind of warrior…

Aaron had a genius idea for a costume; he’d gone out that day into the streets of Addis and swapped clothes with the first willing person.

Brian had used a wig that he’d brought from home, along with a tanktop and a pillow to create a very good impression of a white trash/trailer park type character. His beer belly was very authentic looking.

Baby had a friend from America over called Dave; he dressed up as a priest and apparently had some very strange looks in the taxi on the way to Brian’s house.

I got some pictures of Brians farm, they follow. He has a goat, 4 chickens, 2 ducks and a rabbit. He’s getting a pig soon apparently.

Beyonce the goat, and the 2 ducks.

The chickens

The rabbit

Brian decided that Beyonce should be brought in to join the party.

Beyonce on the dance floor

…complete with wig.

Tonight the British folks on compound decided that we should celebrate Guy Fawkes night together, so we had a bonfire together, and they had even managed to find some fireworks. Nothing massive but it was good fun all the same.

Thats all the news over here!



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